A Voice to the Voiceless, by Adam Bream, Southfields Venue

Rest&Play has completed it’s first term and the soft play items and interactive toys have been packed away for a few weeks until the next session on the 3rd September. 

The team have really enjoyed getting to know a small number of local families, all of whom are doing a fantastic job of raising kids with additional needs. 

There’s one family in particular who we feel particularly close to and it’s been amazing getting to know them. One way we’ve become closer to them is by offering to pray for specific things in their family life – something that they’re open to us doing. 

While Rest&Play provides a platform to practically serve local families, we really believe that it’s just the beginning of something greater that God has planned to unveil – the fullness and goodness of Jesus becoming known to everyday, ordinary London families. 

So it was great to hear the mum tell us that our prayers regarding a safe and enjoyable family holiday had been answered (her words, not ours). But what was more amazing was to hear that her son, who has very delayed communication development, had begun to say a few words! We had been praying that God would bring the words out of him and there’s a long way to go – but it’s amazingly started to happen for the little guy! 

We’re really hoping that he’ll be able to tell you of many more answered prayers himself one day, very soon. 
— Rest&Play runs every Thursday (school term-time), 2-4pm at Everyday Church Southfields. For regular updates please ‘like’ us via www.facebook.com/restandplay

Akhtar Shah

Leadership, Social Action, Evangelism.