Cook & Eat – family values

So – another Cook & Eat course has come to an end at Everyday Kingston – and it’s been brilliant!

This time around we worked with young people who have been through foster care; it’s been a brilliant chance to help people learn about nutrition, food labelling & budgeting, but best of all it’s been a chance to show hospitality to a diverse and wonderful group of people. The two very best moments for me were the last two lunches when we had the young people with us, as well as a foster parent, a member of the LAS Cycle response team and a member of the street homeless community joined us… like Safe & Sound (which will be coming up again this December!), this was a beautiful example of how the church can facilitate the coming together of very different people without much effort at all!

Huge thanks to our brilliant team (Lee & Ollie from Kingston, and Deb from Wimbledon) who made this all possible. If you’re interested in helping out with Cook & Eat, contact us. In the meantime enjoy this photo of the lovely Moroccan couscous we ate last Sunday and hear from the team themselves:

Ollie: The Course was great as we got a chance to hang out with some fantastic people, we did so much more then cook, we danced we sang we prayed we broke bread and we played the Xbox it was amazing, all the youth had fun and so did the adults thank you Jesus…  
Lee:  I Felt truly blessed sharing such quality time with the guys at Cook and Eat, we started as strangers and ended as friends.  Everyone was so different, but the laughter and conversations were shared and enjoyed by us all.  Fantastic experience 😊 xxx
Deb: it was awesome to work, learn, laugh and share food and conversation with amazing people I wouldn’t otherwise have met! From the inspiring fellow cooks (big shout out to Ollie, Lee and Akhtar!) to an amazing foster mum who mothered all of us and her two fun, kind-hearted sons, an enthusiastic sweet young lady, another young lady working hard to serve people in Kingston in need of emergency care and a man whose resilience, heart and honesty lent new urgency to our need to do more for the homeless, God reminded me of His love for each one of us and caused me to consider more deeply what it means to be the church and how to spend my time more like Jesus did! 
Remember – Cook & Eat is something you could run as a life group – two of your group would need to commit to 6 Saturdays, but with the opportunity for one or two others in the group to help out from time to time, everyone can take part in prayer and in person! 
We have two more courses scheduled for 2016 – if you want to take part, contact us as soon as possible – if you’re interested in trying to run this in a different venue then … contact us

Akhtar Shah

Leadership, Social Action, Evangelism.