Inside Out at Everyday Church Kingston

We Interviewed George Parry Stoner and Roshi Theva about Inside Out, a lunch time drop in at Everyday Church Kingston.

What’s Inside Out?

G: For the last couple of months we’ve been serving coffee, tea and cake to people in Kingston from our venue on Thursdays.

What’s it about?

G: We wanted to do something for the community, love people and show God’s love to whoever comes through the doors.

R: Changing the perception of how people see the church (not a building, but the people in the building!) by inviting them in from the hustle and bustle of Kingston to get to know us and what we’re about in a casual setting, instead of only through Sunday services.

What’s the best part of it?

G: Having conversations with people about music, faith, Jesus, and taking an interest in who they are. It’s great to feel that we’re doing something in the community as part of a team and to hang out with Derek, Roshi, Chris, Charlotte and others – it’s nice to see them during the week – and the cake and coffee are pretty good too!

R: I love meeting people from different walks of life – and free cake! A lot of people have said that it’s really nice to come into a church building with friendly and nice people. To personally be a part of changing ideas and perceptions of what church and Christianity really mean has been awesome.

What has it shown you about our community?

G: People are really surprised it’s free, and a lot of people, especially some of the older people, have been grateful to have someone to chat with. Some have talked for hours about issues that have been troubling them, and we’ve had the chance to listen, care and pray with them. There have been comments about the church not being a closed off building for Sundays – more like an everyday church! I really look forward to Thursdays!

R: I’ve learned that people are not as opposed to church and Christianity as I had assumed, and have a curiosity and openness I didn’t expect. It’s been great to talk to them about their own faith and beliefs. I’ve realised that many people are disconnected and just want some kind of community. Our culture tells us to be independent, do it on your own, be single-minded. But people yearn to be in community, to find friendship and companionship. I’ve also discovered more about myself – I love it!

If you’re in Kingston town centre on Thursdays mornings from 11am – 1 pm, you’re so welcome to drop in! To find out more, get in touch at