CAP Conference

On Wednesday 22nd March, Everyday Southfields hosted a regional CAP conference ( It was amazing to see the venue absolutely packed with different people, representing different churches and partners; united in their passion for seeing individuals and families set free from the burdens caused by debt. As speakers spoke and video stories were played, it was amazing to catch a big reminder that God is … Continue reading CAP Conference

In His name the nations will put their hope

‘In His name the nations will put their hope.’ Isaiah 43 In the last few days there have been many headlines and much social media backlash following the announcement that some people groups are being refused entry to another nation. A point blank rejection of someone, solely based on where they come from. It’s happened before, many times in history and so these extreme methods … Continue reading In His name the nations will put their hope

Mentoring in Wandsworth

Jude Taylor, a member at Everyday Southfields, explains how she got into mentoring and why she’s still passionate about helping make a difference to those seeking asylum in London. It was whilst studying at university in Manchester that I first came into contact with people seeking refuge and asylum in the UK. During my first term of uni I began looking for a church. I … Continue reading Mentoring in Wandsworth

The Winter Night Shelter at Everyday Church

I’m by no means an authority on the issues surrounding homelessness and writing this post is in no way an indication of the level of input I’ve had in the running of the Night Shelter that Everyday Church has been playing a part in running this winter.  But the other night, as I helped out with the weekly night slot (Sunday nights throughout December and … Continue reading The Winter Night Shelter at Everyday Church

Operation Christmas Child – Making a Difference this Christmas

337. That’s the number of shoe boxes currently awaiting collection at Everyday Southfields this week! All donated, packed and prayed for by the people of Everyday Church, with some help from the surrounding community. We don’t know the exact journey that each box will take; the specific child that will be blessed by the toys, sweets and toiletries that await within. But we do know … Continue reading Operation Christmas Child – Making a Difference this Christmas

It’s time for Rest & Play

Isaiah 61 is as well-known and as challenging a chapter from the Bible as your likely to find. It’s hard to read it and not feel provoked in some way. I’d probably recommend pausing from this Blog for a moment to read it…Isaiah 61 Welcome back… I’ve been spending some time reading those words over the last few days and I find myself being struck … Continue reading It’s time for Rest & Play