CAP Conference

On Wednesday 22nd March, Everyday Southfields hosted a regional CAP conference (

It was amazing to see the venue absolutely packed with different people, representing different churches and partners; united in their passion for seeing individuals and families set free from the burdens caused by debt.

As speakers spoke and video stories were played, it was amazing to catch a big reminder that God is a restorer and really does change lives. He cares about our health; He cares about our relationships…our free time, skills, rest, fruitfulness at work or college, social diaries…

But He also REALLY cares about our finances and the way we steward our money – our spending, giving and saving.

He is totally committed to enabling us to walk in freedom in ALL areas of life.

But as a British bloke I know all too well that money and finances are not a topic that our culture likes to speak about very much. It’s private. Nobody is touching our wallets. Nothing is coming close to our bank balance.

But to hear counter-cultural testimonies of people bucking the trend and opening up about their budget-struggles and financial burdens was just so challenging. To hear stories of complete freedom from debt was awe-inspiring.

The saving work of Jesus is incredible. It can impact EVERY area of our lives – all the sins and all the struggles that we are so easily entangled by on our own.

This short video tells the story of a Londoner named Alice. She has encountered God and knows freedom now:

Debt isolates. It creates a sense of failure and presents a mountain that seems insurmountable.

It doesn’t need to be like that.

At Everyday Southfields we have begun running CAP Money courses, as we believe freedom from financial burdens CAN be found.

The course takes place over 3 evening sessions and we will be hosting another course soon. For more info please email