CAP Money Course

The Christians Against Poverty Money Course is starting on Saturday March 5th for three weeks, 9:45–12:00 at Everyday Church Wimbledon.

Annemie joined the last course and here’s what she says about it...

Why did you choose to do the Money Course?

“It started with Helen going up the front and saying this is an opportunity to do it. I started one around 2016 but it wasn’t the right time because my fear about money was still too big, so I didn’t finish it.” 

What did you gain from the course?

“A great budgeting tool. I don’t always understand excel spreadsheets, which I’ve tried for budgeting before, but the budget tool on this course is accessible, understandable and straightforward and that’s great.”  

What was the highlight of the course?

“Realising that I had already started to implement some of the budgeting ideas without using a specific tool. I have definitely made progress in my relationship with money and I was much further on than I thought I was.

Previously I was definitely someone who would put my head in the sand about my finances and I am so thankful that that’s not the case anymore.


I grew up in a family that didn’t speak about finances, so there wasn’t really a learning in that for me and it became a place of shame and fear. I have never had significant financial troubles but I’m not debt free, having made some unwise decisions in the past, as well as needing to pay off student and car loans. 

However, I can now see that finances are something that I can rule, rather than fear controlling my relationship with money.”

Where is God in all this?

“God is so gracious. I have been significantly blessed by God in my finances and he has been so kind. He knew the right time for me to start the journey of taking control of my money.

He hasn’t overwhelmed me on this journey and I now walk in more freedom in Christ with my finances.”

You joined a course with people you had never met before.  How did that work out?

“We were very different personalities but we all brought something different into the course. It was good to see other people’s journeys and different approaches to finances. One lady wasn’t a Christian and it was good to see seeds dropped into her life as she heard about what the Bible says about money.”

How has your attitude to money changed in the months since the course?

“I’m more aware of my income and outgoings and I do more price checking. I do love the reduction aisle and I’m aware of hitting the shops at the right time for the glowing yellow stickers! I am starting to plan my week’s meals ahead so I don’t over buy.

There were so many tips during the course but I realised I just needed to take the ones that I could handle in the here and now. 

I love being generous and I can still be a giver but I can do that without using my credit card.


I haven’t gone back into a place of fear of money despite having had a tough year in other respects. This journey has really started to be embedded. Going into debt is no longer a crutch and I can see finances as a blessing.”

Would you recommend the course to friends?

“Whether you understand finances or you are someone who is fearful of money, or someone who wants to save for the future, go for it! You don’t have to give up much time to do it… it’s not a giving up, it’s a gain.

The team were great, it was a safe and confidential space. Everyone’s needs were met appropriately. And the quizzes were fun! 

It’s worth it. It was good to take stock of where my finances were at and to see how I have grown.”

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