Financial Update – February 2021

Dear Everyday Church family, Welcome to the first Finance Update of 2021. Our goal in these updates is to keep us in line with our three key values on finance: Transparency Accountability Generosity As I wrote back in October we are encouraging one another to apply these principles to our personal finances and to model them within our handling of our church finances. We do … Continue reading Financial Update – February 2021


I love Christmas! No, really I do. I know for some it is a tough time, but by the grace of God Christmas has always been good to me. Even growing up in a slightly dysfunctional family, I remember Christmas being a time of Joy. When my own children were small I discovered that it really is better to give than to receive and the … Continue reading Christmas

Financial Update – October 2020

Dear Everyday Church family, Someone once told me that to do something once in church was innovation, to do it twice was to make it a habit and to do it three times was to create a tradition. Well by that reckoning these finance updates have become a new Everyday tradition! We said back in April that we want to create a culture of Transparency, … Continue reading Financial Update – October 2020