Love Your Neighbour

Whether you’re a Christian or not, you’ll probably have heard the phrase ‘love your neighbour’ in some shape or form before. Even though it’s a common phrase, I’m sure we’d all have different experiences and examples regarding how we’ve demonstrated that way of thinking and living. I recently had the privilege of witnessing this concept in action, as I accompanied an elderly lady from Everyday … Continue reading Love Your Neighbour

Nathan Guy – Wimbledon Youth Leader

This week we managed to track down Nathan Guy, Youth Ministry Leader at Everyday Church Wimbledon, for a long overdue interview. Here is what he had to say for himself: Tell us three interesting facts about yourself. I love music! I play guitar, piano and I sing. When I was born, I weighed 11 pounds (my mother is a true hero). I love food and … Continue reading Nathan Guy – Wimbledon Youth Leader

Adam Hodges – Wimbledon Kids Leader

Hi, my name’s Adam and I’m the Kids Ministry Leader at Everyday Wimbledon. I’ve been attending Everyday Church for about 18 months and I’ve been working in the 0-18’s team for just short of 9 months. The time has just flown by! I first moved to London in February 2014 when my wife started working for a music company based in Farringdon. I was born … Continue reading Adam Hodges – Wimbledon Kids Leader

Go MAD! #1

Every person has a story. In Go MAD!, we hear the voices of ordinary people (like you and me) making a difference every day. Today Phyll O’Shea, part of our Everyday Southfields family, shares about life and serving Jesus in her retirement years. Phyll has been part of Everyday Southfields (then Southfields Baptist) since she was born. Her great-grandfathers bought the plot of land that … Continue reading Go MAD! #1

Inside Out at Everyday Church Kingston

We Interviewed George Parry Stoner and Roshi Theva about Inside Out, a lunch time drop in at Everyday Church Kingston. What’s Inside Out? G: For the last couple of months we’ve been serving coffee, tea and cake to people in Kingston from our venue on Thursdays. What’s it about? G: We wanted to do something for the community, love people and show God’s love to whoever comes … Continue reading Inside Out at Everyday Church Kingston

Lynne Nel-Olivier Wimbledon Outreach Coordinator

Hi, my name is Lynne Nel-Olivier and I’ve been the Outreach Coordinator at Everyday Wimbledon since January 2017. I grew up in South Africa, where we were in a small quiet local church. When we moved to London with my job, we immediately settled in a large city centre church with a strong worship ministry. One day I was ill, so I stayed home to watch … Continue reading Lynne Nel-Olivier Wimbledon Outreach Coordinator