Celebrating 6 years of Everyday Church Online

When we launched Everyday Church Online on Sunday, 20th September 2015, we had no idea the essential role it would play throughout the last 6 years, especially in the past 18 months with lockdown.

We love the journey that God is taking us on and since our launch we have received and prayed for 6,170 prayer requests and seen 3,750 commitments made. It has been such a privilege to have welcomed 1.11 million unique guests representing 450 different languages, from 9,830 towns & cities, and nearly every country in the world.

But it is so much more than numbers, as behind every number is a person with a story and we have known some incredible testimonies and life changing stories from around the world.

In a practical way, it has been amazing to be able to financially support the people of Everyday Church Online across the world for many things, such as:

  • Church buildings, repair and new builds.
  • Technology, to allow the Everyday Church resources to be translated locally into Swahili and for more people to join the Online Church Services.
  • Transport for Pastors and Evangelists to reach remote areas with the Gospel message.
  • Books and resources to be distributed.
  • Relief aid from major flooding.
  • Replacing Bibles and other resources that had been destroyed through persecution.

During the lockdown, it was such a privilege to have the London venues of Everyday Church join us online and to also help many other churches and ministries migrate successfully to create their own online services and digital presence.

It really was the fruition of some of the prophecies we had received in the early years of Everyday Church Online. One prophecy was that we were like Noah’s Ark and we were building something that people did not fully understand, some mocked, and yet it would help save many people.

However, the prophecy that really stood out, was that we were like the Wright Brothers. Two aviation pioneers who invented, built, and flew the world’s first successful motor-operated airplane. They had to endure many bumps, and rough times to pursue their aim but the perseverance, constant learning and refinement paved the way for the many flights we know today. This was so very evident as many churches and ministries across the globe moved online due to Covid and will continue as hybrid versions seeing the benefit of synergising both digital and face to face interactions.

As a global online congregation, we have seen God mightily at work and experienced around the world amazing answers to prayer, commitments made, healings, reconciliations, Baptisms, receiving the Holy Spirit, miraculous stories and testimonies, churches started, Life Groups created, families reunited, marriages restored, and so, so, so much more.

There is still a lot to learn and develop and we are excited to discover more of God’s plans for Everyday Church Online.