Dreaming and making a difference in Zimbabwe, by Sonnet Jenkins, Everyday Kingston

For the
month of August, Sonnet Jenkins and her two girls Skye
and Roxy, part of the Everyday Kingston family, will be making a Difference by helping to deliver education and
support to some of the most vulnerable children in Zimbabwe. For Sonnet, this
isn’t just an opportunity, it’s a significant step towards the realisation of a
long held, God given dream…
Sonnet says:

“When I became a Christian I felt I had a word directly from God, to go back to
Zimbabwe (where I was born and left at 14) and set up a school. I had a blue
print and everything which included the bigger picture of providing adult
education, HIV/Aids awareness and creating a growth point for the community.
I later decided this was all of my own imagination and God couldn’t have
possibly given the word to me. After a crushing period of my life, finding
myself a divorced single mother to two small children, without employable
skills, I endeavoured to get a job.
My prayer was ‘Lord please open the doors to the path you choose for me
and close the doors which do not’. Well, that was tough, and when I cried out
to The Lord to ask why I was suffering the indignity of asking for feedback
after yet another failed job application…. I heard Him again… He said ‘you
need to become a teacher, who else is going to teach in the school I have
called you to build!?’
I enrolled at university, a lovely Christian campus, with total ease!
All the student finance and housing was also easily put into place. On
enrolment day I met Kevin a retired lecturer who had set up a university
charity. When I told him why I was at university, to ultimately build the
school, he told me there was a past student who had done exactly that and that
his charity supported the project! AMAZING! 
Through this series of unexpected
conversations and events I now find myself getting ready to take my two daughters, Skye-Alice and
Roxanne to volunteer with me in a school and orphanage in the region of Wedza
outside of Harare in Zimbabwe. We are due to be going at the end of July
and remaining there until the very beginning of September. The organisation I
will be working with ‘on the ground’ is a part of the Ndoro’s Children’s Charities; although the trip will cost several thousand pounds in total, God seems to be
providing for the plan he has put in place! I have held a fundraising event
called the ‘family quiz night’ and that raised £500!!!! At the end of the event
my daughter’s friend’s dad pledged a corporate donation of £1000!! Obviously I
was blown away and still in shock of God’s provision. I will also be getting
some support from the University Charity I mentioned.
I’m so grateful for this opportunity – we are hoping by God’s grace to
help change a few lives and bring God’s love to a people who are so
disaffected. Thank you so much for your prayers and support for this trip…”

Sonnet is a member of Everyday Kingston; she is an assistant life group leader and leads one of our Everyday Kids teams. And she’s awesome! If you’d like to contribute to Sonnet’s trip, she has set up a Justgiving page. Please do pray for her and the kids!