God at Work coming out of our “Whatever You Do” sermon series

by Richard Dennis-Smith at Everyday Church Wimbledon
We are told in 1 Corinthians 12:12 that The church is a unit though it is made up of many people.” We have seen this in practice over the past few weeks at Everyday Wimbledon as some of us have responded together to what God has said to us in the Whatever You Do sermon series.
I work in the West End, but having two days of holiday I felt God stir me to contact Lynne who coordinates much of our Everyday Difference work in Wimbledon. She asked me to bring my car down straightaway because another church member had spotted an amazing way to make a difference through her work for a large consumer goods company in Kingston. Seeing that her employer was about to throw away a large amount of dried food that had been used for a presentation, she had asked whether she might be permitted to take it to the Wimbledon Foodbank for people in severe need. Getting a yes from her bosses, she didn’t have a car. One church member had driven it from her office in Kingston to our church building in Wimbledon. I then had the privilege of taking it down to the Foodbank. Later, that same church member was given a second carload of washing powder from a presentation for the Foodbank. Take a look at the photos below!
In unloading the food at the Foodbank I met another member of Everyday Church, who volunteers every week at the Foodbank in the mornings before going off to work in West End retail in the afternoon and evening. Leaving, I bumped into a lady who has been receiving help from the Foodbank and whose daughter has now begun to attend Everyday Youth. She told me that she has a church background from her childhood but hasn’t come for a long time. She now wants to attend our forthcoming Money Course and is excited that her daughter is being subsidised by a church member to go to the Newday youth festival in the summer. On my way out, I watched Lynne asking the guests how she might help them and whether they would like prayer. It was such a brilliant picture of the body of Christ in action.
I feel as though our Whatever You Do sermon series has really put the spotlight on the everyday opportunities that God gives us to make a difference. I think we are  beginning to see at Everyday what God can do when we trust him to take away our fears and to respond to his callings. It is so good to see the many parts of the Body of Christ working together as a team, along with their employers, to help our local community.
Richard Dennis-Smith

Phil Moore

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