Behind the Scenes at Everyday Church – good governance

So far this year, we’ve been making some really great changes behind the scenes at Everyday Church. We’ve been working on our governance and our operations support. You may not be aware of the changes , which is why I’m writing this blog to inform you, but if you’re part of Everyday Church then you are already feeling the benefit of them, even if you were unaware of why!

We’ve appointed Helen Dennis-Smith as our new Chair of Trustees and she is doing a fantastic job. Her team is growing and making some really great decisions for us as a church. One of those trustees is Lucas Palmer, who has been presiding over a comprehensive review of our church finances – both how we manage them and how we spend them. We’ve appointed a new Buildings Manager and Operations Assistant, who are bringing real strength and support to the team of pastors. We are still looking for the right Finance Manager, so if you know anybody who is qualified and may feel called to fill this vacant role on the team, then we’d love to hear from you. We are appointing Echo Chong as a new church trustee in November, and we are looking to expand the team further, so if you feel that God might be calling you to serve in this way then we would love to hear from you.

I’ll hand over now to Helen Dennis-Smith to explain more. If you are part of Everyday Church and you still have questions after reading what she writes in this blog, then feel free to ask more questions of the pastors in your venue or to email Helen directly at

Helen Dennis-Smith, Chair of Trustees writes…

Do you know what the Everyday Church Trustees do, or who they are?  Maybe you didn’t even know we have trustees! Well, many of you will know that schools have governors, or you may even be one yourself.  In the same way schools must have governors, so all charities need trustees, and Everyday Church is a charity.

The trustees are responsible for the management of the finances of Everyday Church, so ultimately we are responsible to all church members in terms of monitoring how the money you give is used. We are also responsible to the Charities Commission. We have to ensure the church operates within the law and also monitor and control risk.  This isn’t just about money, it also includes safeguarding, human resources, health and safety, and so on.

However, we don’t get involved in the day-to-day management of the church – that’s the role of the elders and other church staff.  It’s rather more a case of supporting the elders in the implementation of the church’s vision by making sure that what happens is compliant with the law and is managed efficiently.

The trustees work closely together as teams (there’s more than one team as some trustees are closely involved with the property owned by the church) and very closely with the elders too.

To be a trustee you must be a member of Everyday Church and committed to its vision.  You should have a general background in strategy, finance, governance HR or operational risk. The trustee role is a voluntary one and is unpaid.

We’d like to expand the trustee team.  As the church grows, so does the amount of work for trustees.

We would also be interested in hearing from anyone for whom this level of commitment sounds too much, but who would be able to serve on one of the working groups involved in any of the above areas of trusteeship. These groups cover a lot more of the day to day work of the church and would benefit from the expertise that church members could bring to them.

Who are the current trustees?

Everyday Church


(Whole church responsibility)

Queens Road Manse Trust


(Responsibility for property assets)



A charity for relieving poverty in Kingston

Lucas Palmer Rick Woods Tom Moore
Kevin Richards Wayne Griffiths Alanna Thompson
Helen Dennis-Smith Alison Oliver Phil Moore
Phil Moore    

A lot of these trustees are currently based at Everyday Wimbledon, but we’d like to have trustees from across the wider church to make the team more representative of the whole church.

If you are interested in finding out more about these roles, then please contact me:

Phil Moore

Bible Teaching, Preaching, Leadership, Church Planting.