Hungry to make a difference?

Yesterday I had the incredible privilege of visiting the Ace of Clubs, just around the corner from Clapham Common tube station (

My purpose for heading there was to make a delivery of items from the Wandsworth Foodbank in Battersea. However, I hadn’t fully realised what I’d find upon arriving.

Like many drop-in centres across the capital, the Ace of Clubs provide an absolutely incredible and very vital service to men and women living in very difficult circumstances. They truly are on the margins of society and require help from others in order to find some breakthrough.

The centre provides hot meals, refreshments, showers, IT facilities and wider support for between 80-100 people who, for the most part, are widely ignored and forgotten each day by the majority of London.

The ethos of the initiative is to create ‘a place where those who are alone can find acceptance, a sense of belonging and renewed purpose to see their lives restored.’

The team at the centre are doing an amazing and thorough job and really are making a huge difference.

The Ace of Clubs operates Mon-Fri, rain or shine and if you have the time and are keen to find somewhere to serve in the community, where you too could make a massive difference, I’d wholeheartedly recommend you head their way.

You can contact them via or 020 7720 2811.

Adam Bream
Pastor @Everyday Church