Identity: three BIG questions

I’m personally really excited to have begun our Identity series as a church. Exploring how God really sees us and how He shapes our identities from a place of truth and love is such an important doctrine and yet it’s something that we so often miss or give little thought to.

I discovered this in my Lifegroup the other night. As me and my friends sat around the table in the pub where we gather each Wednesday evening, I’d felt prompted to ask three very simple questions to help form our discussion. From the subsequent conversation that took place, it turned out that these weren’t as straight forward to answer as I’d initially imagined.

It’s clear that we don’t think about these things much. Which means we probably don’t come to God all that often to hear what He thinks either.

We’re only two weeks into this series – so we have some way to go and much unpacking to be done. And as leaders, we’re really trusting that God will do a profound work within the culture of our church family. Join us in praying that the knowledge of who we are as sons and daughters of the kind, generous, faithful Father will increase in our hearts.

And ask yourself these questions that some of us were discussing in Lifegroup the other night. Don’t rush. Take your time over this. There’s not necessarily any ‘right’ answers, but they’ll provide a very helpful insight to where you’re perhaps at regarding your identity.

1) Connect In: How do you see yourself (genuinely!)?
2) Connect Up: How much influence do you take from how God sees you?
3) Connect Out: How do others view you? And what influence does this have on you?