Important New Appointment for Everyday Church

We are coming to the end of a crucial year for us as a church. In the autumn of last year, it became clear that our many years of growth in size needed to be matched by a similar growth in our systems and structures. We’ve spent the year rebuilding the Central Operations Team that enables all of our venues to flourish and to concentrate on the task of making 3D disciples of Jesus. We’ve managed to reduce our projected deficit to £81,000 in 2018, instead of the budgeted £141,000, and we have plans to reduce it further in 2019. We are also announcing today the appointment of Simon Elliott as our new Core Team Leader, in charge of the day-to-day management of Everyday Church.

Phil Moore will continue to lead the team of Elders, and the Elders will continue to lead Everyday Church through the 5Ds of Eldershipdefining biblical doctrine and lifestyle, demonstrating it through their own lives, disciplining those who claim to follow Jesus but deny it with their lives, directing the vision and values of the church, and delegating the outworking of that vision to the many gifted leaders across the church.

Simon Elliott’s new role will be to form and lead a Core Team that will own the 5Ss of turning the Elders’ vision and values into practice on the ground. His team will be responsible for translating that vision into a clear strategy and for supervising its progress across the church. His team will be responsible for how we spend our time and money, for the staff team, and for good synergy between the different venues and the different teams of leaders across Everyday Church. A lot of Simon’s leadership will take place in the background, so you will probably see less of him than you do of Phil and the Elders, but from January onwards you will start to feel the benefits of his leadership and of the Core Team that he will form to help manage our church life together.

  Simon and Gwen Elliott

Simon has been the lead pastor of Jubilee Church, East Grinstead, for the past fifteen years. He is a very experienced leader, who is particularly gifted in process management, leadership development and emotional intelligence. Some of you will know him from the New Ground Academy, which he leads alongside Phil. Many of you will also remember that he led us in prayer for the New Ground church plant into Berlin at our last ASK prayer meeting. All of the Elders have been involved in his appointment, and we’re all convinced that our church will flourish even more by having Simon and his wife Gwen’s leadership in the mix.

We couldn’t afford to make this new appointment ourselves, so we are massively grateful to the trustees of New Ground for releasing money to us which will pay for Simon’s salary right through 2019 and to Easter 2020. It’s a really concrete expression of their love and commitment towards us as a church, as is the way that they have initiated and facilitated Simon and Gwen’s move to Everyday.

Initially at least, Simon will not become an elder of any of our venues. Instead, he will spread himself across the venues, helping wherever needed. Eventually, he and Gwen will want to plug into a specific congregation in order to grow as disciples with a specific group of people, but he will continue to play a one-church role that serves all of our congregations.

As your Elders and Trustees, we are all very excited about Simon and Gwen joining us at Everyday, and we’ve been amazed by two very specific prophecies from people who were unaware of this decision. Alison Oliver from Everyday and Emma Cowley from Jubilee have spoken clear encouragement from God, including detail that they could not have known, which further convinces us that God’s hand is definitely in this move. So, feel free to ask questions of the Elders at your venue, and be encouraged at the end of what has been an important year. This is a really key appointment that will help us to continue to bring our systems and our structures more into line with our increased size. God has plenty more adventures ahead of us.