In His name the nations will put their hope

‘In His name the nations will put their hope.’ Isaiah 43

In the last few days there have been many headlines and much social media backlash following the announcement that some people groups are being refused entry to another nation. A point blank rejection of someone, solely based on where they come from.

It’s happened before, many times in history and so these extreme methods of trying to reclaim power by shutting people out should come as no surprise to us.

But in stark contrast, over the last few days, I was also able to witness visitors coming through the open doors of Everyday Southfields. From nations very different to my own. People from countries thousands of miles away, with traditions and expectations very different from my own. Some walked in hoping to feel at home. Some walked in not knowing what to expect, as they weren’t used to being in a church.

Visitors from South America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

It didn’t matter where they were from – we were so grateful to see them and I hope the welcome they received reflected that God loves them and has a great plan for their lives.

There’s a huge amount of talk in politics and the media about walls being built between people groups and ties being cut between nations. It’s a terrible shame.

But it’s so wonderful and incredibly exciting to be part of God’s people – His church. God’s ‘Plan A’ for establishing His Kingdom on Earth is through the local church, and what I witness on Sunday mornings, or in our Lifegroups, is totally counter-cultural – as the nations gather together to display the unity of one body, for the glory of Jesus.

The headlines show world leaders trying to ‘build’ in one particular way. Jesus reveals He’s committed to building in a very different way. There’s nothing quite like it!