Love Is

This week, the world invites us to celebrate love. How do they describe it, and what does it look like? Red roses, chocolates, ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ released in time for Valentine’s Day. Couples pressured into expressing love through gestures money can buy, and singles left wanting a missing half.

God showed me love this week too. I saw it on Sunday, when Everyday Wimbledon, in partnership with Compassion, signed up to sponsor 89 Kenyan children. I heard it when I learned that Everyday Clapham singles will be doing a 2 mile walk on Tuesday, sharing food and companionship with the homeless. I felt it at Everyday Croydon, in the warm welcome I received, and the excitement of the journey as they move into the TMRW Cafe. I tasted it at home with my London family as they welcomed new and old friends for lunch, and basked in its glory worshipping my unparalleled Dad alongside my brothers and sisters.

The red I see this Valentine’s Day is the blood Jesus shed, the greatest love he spoke of and exemplified by laying down his life for us (John 15:13).

I’m not a half. Jesus made me whole, and I belong in his family. This family.

Praying that our Everyday family will know the depth of His love in greater measure and keep sharing its richness and fullness with each other and a world that desperately needs this good news!