Michael Smith – New Everyday Church Wimbledon Youth Leader

Michael Smith has recently joined our staff team. We’ve asked him to introduce himself…

My name is Michael, and I am the new youth leader at Everyday Church Wimbledon. I am a Londoner, born and bread and grew up in Chelsea all my life.

I became a Christian when I was 18. Feel free to ask me about it. 

I studied my BA in Theology and Youth Ministry at St Mellitus College before joining Everyday Church. I am currently studying my MA in Theology this year.

I love to travel and try to go away as much as I can. I have been away every year since I was 21 (apart from Covid years). I have been to countries in Europe, Africa and North America. I plan to travel to more places. I have USA and Norway coming up this year (2022).

I am a massive football fan, supporting Manchester United. I do not get to watch as much as I would like but I keep up to date with it all. I am a massive film and TV show person. I watch a lot of Marvel films/shows. 

I have done youth ministry for 8 years now. 5 years of that was voluntary, and 3 years was part of my BA degree. I really enjoy doing youth work and feel God calling me to do youth work. I started youth ministry at 24 because someone at my old church thought that I would be a good fit with a group of East London boys joining the church. 

In his opinion, my background of growing up on a council estate would make it easier for them to relate to me, and I enjoyed it and felt that it was the thing God wanted from me. 

My vision for youth work this year is to get Fridays up and running in a sustainable and fun way, with discipleship at the core, and for it to support and balance out Sunday morning sessions. 

We’re also planning to take a group to Newday this August. Let me know if you’d like to join the team! You can email me on: michael.smith@everyday.org.uk

I’m looking forward to meeting you soon.