Proposing a new elder for Everyday Church

A message from our lead pastor, Phil Moore, about our church leadership team…

It was great to gather with so many of you last week for our ASK prayer meeting. Many thanks to those who led us in worship, in prophecy and in prayer. It was a really great evening together. In case you missed it, I’m writing this blog to update you on some important news that I shared about a new elder for Everyday Church and about our whole-church eldership team.

Simon and Gwen Elliott moved to London in August 2019 to become part of our church leadership team. They have settled in well and, despite lockdown, have already made a massive difference across all our venues. Simon was formerly the lead pastor of a New Ground church in Sussex, so he has brought a wealth of experience to the team as he has begun leading alongside me. So far, we have referred to Simon as our ‘Executive Leader’ because he isn’t yet an elder, but we are now proposing that he become an elder and therefore our ‘Executive Pastor’ (the New Testament uses the words elder and pastor interchangeably). We have already discussed this as a church eldership team with Dave Holden, who leads the New Ground family of churches and gives us apostolic oversight as a church, but we want to make time for us to receive your input into this decision too. If you have any comments about Simon’s appointment as an elder, positive or negative, and especially with regards to 1 Timothy 3:1-13, Titus 1:5-9 and 1 Peter 5:1-4, then please do email me via the church office at

  Simon and Gwen Elliott

Simon would become the fourth elder in our recently formed Whole-Church Eldership Team. We have a large group of elders across Everyday Church, and we are looking to increase its size in order to pastor you better and better. Just before lockdown, Dave Holden met with us as an eldership team and we decided to set apart Phil Moore, Adam Bream and David Featherstone as whole-church elders, working together to bring leadership to Everyday Church as a whole and to release the other elders to focus on their call from God to pastor the people in their own specific venues. Although we didn’t know that lockdown was coming, we have been leading the church together throughout the lockdown period, and it has proved a vital moment for us to have a one-church team. Simon has helped the three of us to bring some clear direction to our church as a whole during the coronavirus crisis, and we believe that God has raised him up to become a fourth elder in this new team.

One of the things that we have spent time talking about as a whole-church eldership team is our response to the killing of George Floyd and to some of the issues that it has raised about diversity. We really want to release a diverse church leadership team in the months and years to come. The whole-church eldership team is already diverse in gifting – my passion for the Word of God, Adam’s passion for reaching the lost and the lowly, David’s passion for restoring the image of God in their lives, and Simon’s passion for reproducing leaders everywhere. But we are also aware that we are all white and that we therefore do not reflect the full diversity of our congregations. We can only start from where we are, but we would love it if you would pray for this to change as we move forward as a team.

So, please do keep praying over the summer as we consider Simon Elliott as a new elder for our whole-church eldership team, as we release the other elders to pastor the people in their venues, and as we seek to reflect increasingly the multicultural glory of the Church that Jesus is building in our nation.

It is so good to be partnering with you in this season. I count it a real privilege to be your lead pastor!

Phil Moore