realising a vision: KCAT film night

On 10th March KCAT took another step towards it’s goal of eradicating human
trafficking from Kingston and the other boroughs in London; at the showing of
the film Whistleblower at Everyday
Kingston and with Lewis Davis’ passionate call to action even more people
signed up to this essential work.
This was a significant night – last year Lewis delivered a brief
training session to about 20 people in the Everyday Kingston hall; afterwards
we agreed that the next time would be bigger and better in every sense and by
God’s grace it was: with nearly 100 people in attendance, a one year launch
plan, website and facebook page up and running and with the
long-standing anti-trafficking prayer group moving from Ham to Everyday church
there was an amazing sense of progress – it was a great moment to give thanks to
It was also a great reminder of what one person with a passionate desire to
make a difference can achieve when God breathes life into their vision and
gathers others to their cause. It was a small vision realised, and a wonderful
encouragement to go after the bigger KCAT vision.
Although we’ve come a long way since our those early
conversations about KCAT last year we’ve barely begun to scratch the surface: while
awareness of KCAT as a thing and trafficking as a Kingston-problem is growing
there’s a huge amount to do, and we’ve not yet made any tangible headway in terms of undermining and exposing the
local sex trade. We need your help and over the coming weeks we’ll need to
recruit volunteers to three key teams: an intercessory prayer team, a research
team (not for the faint-hearted) and an awareness raising / speaking team. We’re
also meeting with fellow anti-trafficking groups to look at ways in which we
can facilitate the development of anti-trafficking groups in every London
borough – a move which would prevent perpetrators from simply moving their business to neighbouring streets and communities when faced with pressure. There’s a national momentum to this movement as well – the Modern Slavery Bill is about to become law…  Please pray for this momentum to continue and contact us if
you want to join our mailing list – our first newsletter went out last week!
KCAT’s core team currently consists of members from Everyday Church Kingston & Kingsgate Church in Kingston but we’d welcome the opportunity to partner with other churches and agencies – please get in touch if  your church or organisation want to get more involved or you would like to host an awareness raising event. 

Akhtar Shah

Leadership, Social Action, Evangelism.