Same-Sex Attraction and following Jesus

Sex and Sexuality #10: Same-Sex Attraction and following Jesus

If there’s any subject that is likely to make a Christian look at their feet and attempt to change the subject, it’s the question of same-sex attraction. That’s why it was so refreshing to have Andrew Bunt speak at Everyday Church last weekend on the question of “Is the Gospel really good news?” Andrew shared about his own same-sex attraction  and then gave clear answers from the Bible about why the Gospel is still good news for him. If you missed it, you can catch up on his message below. At last, here’s a Christian who speaks clearly about the beauty of God’s plan for members of the gay community.

Across this week, we’re going to be exploring Andrew’s message further on this blog. On Tuesday, we’ll look at the danger of inadvertently preaching the heterosexual gospel. On Wednesday we’ll look at a series of testimonies from Christians who are same-sex-attracted and determined to live in radical sexual purity. On Thursday, we’ll broaden our discussion to tackle some of your questions around singleness in general. On Friday, we’ll pick up on some of Andrew’s comments to explore in greater detail what Jesus teaches about divorce and remarriage. We may not answer all of your questions on the blog this week, but we hope to make some headway ahead of the fourth and final message in our Sex and Sexuality series at Everyday Church next weekend.