What is “the church” to you?

As we’re continuing through our sermon series in Galatians, I got to preach on Galatians 4:8-20 at our Wimbledon Venue. It is a fascinating set of verses, that give us an insight into Paul’s relationship with the Galatians. He tells us of how they met (v13) and how kind and caring the Galatians were towards him (v14-15). But the passage is remarkable for the depth … Continue reading What is “the church” to you?

‘To The Choir Master’ #5 In Private

What comes to mind when you think about ‘worship’? Maybe it’s the gathering? Sunday services? A conference?   God sees your heart at all times. Nothing is hidden from God. Your thoughts, your daily battles and your hidden motives are no secret to God. This is an important revelation when we are considering our private life of worship. God the Father, ‘who sees what is … Continue reading ‘To The Choir Master’ #5 In Private