Recalibrating Worship

I am not a good baker. I once made a vanilla sponge cake that oozed melted butter as you picked up each wobbly slice. It was really bad. Since this kitchen disaster, I have discovered that baking is more about science than spontaneous creative flare. A set of well calibrated measuring scales is essential.   A good set of scales takes out the guess work. You don’t have to approximate how much flour you’re adding. You can avoid making my mistake, and instead, add the correct amount of butter to your mixture. The cake turns out … Continue reading Recalibrating Worship


I love Christmas! No, really I do. I know for some it is a tough time, but by the grace of God Christmas has always been good to me. Even growing up in a slightly dysfunctional family, I remember Christmas being a time of Joy. When my own children were small I discovered that it really is better to give than to receive and the … Continue reading Christmas

Little Disciples #4 – Children and Worship

Question: What is the chief end of man? Answer: Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever. Hear me out before clicking away. The “Westminster Catechism” was written by the Church of England and Scotland a few hundred years ago to say what they believed. With great imaginative flair, they then shortened it to the “Westminster Shorter Catechism” (WSC). Thanks, guys. … Continue reading Little Disciples #4 – Children and Worship

‘To The Choir Master’ #5 In Private

What comes to mind when you think about ‘worship’? Maybe it’s the gathering? Sunday services? A conference?   God sees your heart at all times. Nothing is hidden from God. Your thoughts, your daily battles and your hidden motives are no secret to God. This is an important revelation when we are considering our private life of worship. God the Father, ‘who sees what is … Continue reading ‘To The Choir Master’ #5 In Private