Thoughts from a Gay Nonbeliever

Sex and Sexuality #4 – Thoughts from a Gay Nonbeliever

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Earlier this week, I started a series of blogs about what the Bible actually teaches about Sex and SexualityLet me reiterate: if you make no pretence to be a follower of Jesus, then I’m not expecting you to follow the Bible’s teaching in this area. I’m actually expecting you not to follow it. I’m simply encouraging those who profess to be Bible-believing Christians to live in as much consistency towards their belief as you live in consistency towards your unbelief. Jesus says it himself in Revelation 3:14-16. He wants nonbelievers to live as nonbelievers and he wants believers to live as believers. It’s the hypocrisy of claiming to believe in him, while living like a nonbeliever, that he can’t stand.

That’s not enough for some people, however. I’ve been cancelled as a speaker at a public event on the basis that it’s offensive even for believers in the Bible to believe what the Bible says about Sex and Sexuality. I’m not going to defend myself. Instead, I’ll ask Matthew Parris, a gay columnist in The Times newspaper to reply. With no axe of his own to grind, and with much to lose personally by hearing Christians state courageously what they believe, Matthew Parris issues a straight challenge to the Christian community:

“Can they honestly say that they would have drawn from Christ’s teaching the same lessons of sexual tolerance in 1000, or 1590, or indeed 1950? Surely not, for almost no voices were heard then. In which case, to what does this “reform” amount? Like changes to Church teaching on divorce or Sunday observance, the new tolerance gains its force within the Anglican Communion from a fear of becoming isolated from changing public morals. Is that a reason for a Christian to modify his own morality? I cannot recall that Moses took this view of golden calf worship. Whispering beneath the modernisers’ soft aspirational language of love and tolerance, I hear an insistent “when in Rome, we must do as the Romans do. Times have changed.” Gays in particular should be very wary of that message; some of us remember when it was used against us, and such a time may come again. A religion needs a compass. Logic alone does not point the way and religion adds to the general stick of human reasonableness a new directional needle – if it adds anything at all. I cannot read the Gospels in any way other than as declaring that this was revealed to man by God through Jesus. Revelation, therefore, not logic, must lie at the core of the Church’s message. You cannot pick and choose from revealed truth.”

[Article: ‘No, God would not have approved of gay bishops’, The Times, 9/8/2003]

If you’re in London, then join us this Sunday as we continue our sermon series Sex and Sexuality at Everyday Church. If you’re not in London, then you can still attend one of the services at our online church and come back for the rest of this blog series on Sex and Sexuality over the next few days. Next week we are going to be looking the whole subject of pornography and masturbation, with lots of help for you if you want to take a detox from porn.

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