What does God say about Transgender?

Sex and Sexuality #15: What does God say about Transgender

Last Sunday at Everyday Church, Andrew Bunt completed our four-week Sex and Sexuality sermon series with a really helpful look at what God says in the Bible about Transgender. With legislation struggling to catch up with rapid changes in public attitudes, Andrew gives us a timeless framework to navigate the issues raised, explaining why the message of Jesus is good news for transgender men and women.

This coming Sunday, we want to start helping you to share the good news of Jesus with people, wherever you go. We are kicking off a new sermon series based on Ephesians 6:15, which is entitled Good News Shoes. We will also be baptising around ten people across our venues and giving them an opportunity to share some of the ways in which they have found the message of Jesus to be good news for them.

If you’re in London, join us at one of our congregations across South London. If you’re not in London, or if you’re already part of another church, feel free to visit our online church to share in this new series with us.