What is God teaching us through Covid-19? – #3 Conspiracy Theories and Truth

Our lead pastor Phil Moore writes:

Dear Everyday Church family,

For most of us, the coronavirus crisis has been a time of learning. We’ve learned a lot about ourselves, a lot about the Lord and a lot about the world. I’ve already posted blogs about two areas where I think that we have learned the most as a church family, so here’s a third area: we are also learning a lot about the dangers of conspiracy theories and of the need for us to speak clear truth as a church to people in an increasingly disorientated world.

Conspiracy theories have always been a problem, but this has certainly increased with the advent of Covid-19. We’ve been separated from one another for so long in our homes, with so much time to scroll through social media on our own, that the scenes we saw last Wednesday in Washington DC were always likely. It is easy for us, on the other side of the Atlantic, to dismiss those scenes as a uniquely American problem, but the truth is that conspiracy theories can be just as big a danger for us too. We hear other people spreading them and we can even pass them on ourselves.

Here are three of the most helpful blogs that I have read about how we can best respond as Christians to conspiracy theories about the virus, about vaccination and about many other things besides. I hope that they help you, as they did me, to be a speaker of truth at this important moment in history, rather than a conductor for half-truths and lies. There’s a blog from the UK, a blog from Washington DC, and a blog from Christianity Today.

I hope that you found those blogs as helpful as I did. May God help us as a church to hold onto the truth in the final weeks and months of the pandemic.

“Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices in the truth.” (1 Corinthians 13:6)

I am looking forward to our being back in the room together but, for now, I look forward to connecting with you again soon online!

Phil Moore