Recalibrating Worship

I am not a good baker. I once made a vanilla sponge cake that oozed melted butter as you picked up each wobbly slice. It was really bad. Since this kitchen disaster, I have discovered that baking is more about science than spontaneous creative flare. A set of well calibrated measuring scales is essential.   A good set of scales takes out the guess work. You don’t have to approximate how much flour you’re adding. You can avoid making my mistake, and instead, add the correct amount of butter to your mixture. The cake turns out … Continue reading Recalibrating Worship

‘To The Choir Master’ #5 In Private

What comes to mind when you think about ‘worship’? Maybe it’s the gathering? Sunday services? A conference?   God sees your heart at all times. Nothing is hidden from God. Your thoughts, your daily battles and your hidden motives are no secret to God. This is an important revelation when we are considering our private life of worship. God the Father, ‘who sees what is … Continue reading ‘To The Choir Master’ #5 In Private

‘To The Choir Master’ #2 Worship The Creator

One of the very first things that God reveals to us about himself is that he is the Creator. In the first few chapters of the Bible we find an array of reasons for us to express worship to God, and we see this taking place throughout the rest of the Bible.   The Bible often uses the word ‘creation’ when talking about the world around us because, … Continue reading ‘To The Choir Master’ #2 Worship The Creator

‘To The Choir Master’ #1 Singing

There is an amazing moment in Mark 14:26. We read about Jesus and the disciples singing a ‘hymn’ together. It says, ‘When they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives.’ The Greek word ‘Hymneo’ which is used here and at five other moments in the New Testament means to literally sing praise, and of course our English word ‘hymn’ comes … Continue reading ‘To The Choir Master’ #1 Singing

To The Choir Master – Introduction

  On the pages of the Bible and in our day to day experience we find ourselves faced with a seemingly endless list of possible expressions of worship. Some are common practices in churches and others are often given no thought at all. Thankfully however, being a worshipper of the Living God was never intended to be a one-size-fits-all calling. One of the greatest joys … Continue reading To The Choir Master – Introduction