May the God of hope… (how to endure when life is hard)

My dad died on 7th November 2020. His death was tragic and unexpected. While this is not the first bereavement I have suffered, I have never experienced death feeling so close. So scary. So final. To be honest, it has felt like my life will never move on from its current perpetually sad state. Even if you are not presently enduring an acute moment of … Continue reading May the God of hope… (how to endure when life is hard)

Alpha Course – Reporting Back

About a month ago we finished our latest Alpha Course. We have run eight Alpha Courses over the last three years at Everyday Church. And while they have all been brilliant, it is safe to say the four we have run since March have been the most interesting! Restrictions on gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic meant we’ve hosted these courses online. It takes a … Continue reading Alpha Course – Reporting Back

Celebrating 4 years of Everyday Church Online

At 4pm on Sunday 20th September 2015, after 11 months of research, planning and implementation, we launched Everyday Church Online. This was the start of a journey that only God has the map for and one that we are still in the infancy of travelling. So, four years later we are still amazed every single week as many new testimonies are received, lives impacted, new places … Continue reading Celebrating 4 years of Everyday Church Online

Why I vowed to obey my husband – by Ruth

Eight years ago, I whacked on a white dress and stood in front of a big bunch of my friends and family (and a whole load of people that I didn’t know, but were very welcome!). My now-husband promised that he would love, cherish and worship me, and I vowed that I would love, cherish and obey him. My father-in-law, who was also the vicar … Continue reading Why I vowed to obey my husband – by Ruth

Go MAD! #3

Every person has a story. In Go MAD!, we hear the voices of ordinary people (like you and me) making a difference every day. Caroline Barnard, part of Everyday Southfields, is a Communications Officer at The Clewer Initiative. Caroline, what’s The Clewer Initiative? It’s something new within the Church of England, based around partnership and empowering churches and church networks to work together to combat … Continue reading Go MAD! #3

Being a church that changes our communities

On Saturday 28 October, thirteen of us from different Everyday venues made our way (early!) to the Jubilee+ Churches that Change Communities Conference held at City Church in Cambridge. Martin Charlesworth spoke powerfully from Mark 14:3-9 and Galatians 2:9-10, reminding us that worship and caring for the poor are connected: compassion fatigue will never overtake a church consumed by worship. In an authentic 21st century … Continue reading Being a church that changes our communities

Love Your Neighbour

Whether you’re a Christian or not, you’ll probably have heard the phrase ‘love your neighbour’ in some shape or form before. Even though it’s a common phrase, I’m sure we’d all have different experiences and examples regarding how we’ve demonstrated that way of thinking and living. I recently had the privilege of witnessing this concept in action, as I accompanied an elderly lady from Everyday … Continue reading Love Your Neighbour