Adam Hodges – Wimbledon Kids Leader

Hi, my name’s Adam and I’m the Kids Ministry Leader at Everyday Wimbledon. I’ve been attending Everyday Church for about 18 months and I’ve been working in the 0-18’s team for just short of 9 months. The time has just flown by!

I first moved to London in February 2014 when my wife started working for a music company based in Farringdon. I was born and raised in a small town just north of Cardiff in the South Wales Valleys, so coming to a massive city like London was a bit of a culture shock! The first 18 months of living here was tough, with no family around and being in a job I didn’t see any real future in. But God has really blessed us by bringing us to Everyday Church where I have met some fantastic friends and have had great opportunities to lead and disciple others.

I was brought up in a Christian home and I’ve attended church from as far back as I can remember, so my relationship with God started at a very young age. The church I grew up in was very small and, with an average age of about 65, there were very few young people. We did however have a Sunday school which was run by a few older ladies who took on the responsibility, and they had a vital role in my spiritual upbringing. Their example showed me how important kids work is within churches, because it is a fantastic opportunity to draw these young ones to Jesus!

Since leaving school, I have primarily worked in maintenance and construction. So I had little experience of working with kids and youth before September. At the age of 28 I never thought I’d take a completely new path. I sometimes wonder what my ex-colleagues would think if they saw some of the things I get up to now in kids work! I find it so amazing how God can use the most unlikely of people.

Looking back at my childhood in church, we didn’t have a big building with lots of resources or the latest technology. But what we did have were a few people who were willing to invest time into loving us and teaching us truth from the Bible, and this is what I want for our children here at Everyday Church.

I’ve learned so much since starting in September, everything from leading a kids team on a Sunday to the day to day office admin during the week. It’s been a steep learning curve, but God has been faithful and he’s patiently walking me through this journey step by step.

My vision for Everyday Kids is that it’s a place where children can come together, have fun, establish friendships within church and are able to share their struggles. But most importantly, that they get to encounter God and establish a solid foundation in Jesus! Could you be one of those willing people to come and join us? If so, contact me using the Connect form on our website, and I will get in touch and help you get involved.

Adam Hodges

Kids Ministry Leader
Everyday Church Wimbledon