Introducing Tim Maton

Tim Maton has recently joined our staff team as the Wimbledon Venue Leader. We’ve asked him to introduce himself and his family…

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your background and what brought you to this new role?

Firstly, thank you so much for the warm and friendly welcome you’ve extended to us so far. Caroline and I are looking forward to getting to know more of you over the coming months.

We’re currently living in Oxted, not to be confused with Oxshott or Oxford! Oxted is a small town in the London greenbelt, near junction 6 of the M25. During August I’ve been driving up to Wimbledon, although I expect to make more use of the fantastic train and tram connections once term starts and the roads get busier.

King’s Church Oxted, which is also part of New Ground, has been our ‘home’ for the last nine years, and where I had been serving as an on-staff elder.

God began loosening us from Oxted just before the first lockdown two and a half years ago and has gradually but very clearly guided us to Everyday Church Wimbledon, which we’re delighted about.

Q: How did you and Caroline meet?

Caroline and I met at King’s Church Harrow some 27 years ago. I’d got my first full-time job in the area and was checking out the local churches. Caroline and her housemates invited me to lunch on my very first Sunday, and so the church decision was made! Two years later we were married. Which reminds me, our silver wedding anniversary is coming up.

Q: Have you found somewhere to live in the area?

Having sold our house (stc), we’re currently busy house hunting around Wimbledon. We’ve not found anything yet, but if nothing else it’s helping us get familiar with the area! 

Some of this has been a trip down Memory Lane, as I once spent a discipleship year based at Farm Road Church, Morden.

It was 1994-5, and we regularly came to the Holy Spirit evenings at ‘Queens Road Church’ (now Everyday Church Wimbledon) on a Wednesday night.

The timing has been quite neat for us, as Caroline is between jobs and looking forward to starting a new phase once we’re settled.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your family?

In theory our daughter Zoë will be moving with us, although she has another year at Nottingham University, where she’s studying biology. She’s looking forward to having a new ‘home-base’ at Everyday Church and to seeing how things pan out after graduating.

Our daughter Hannah is staying in Oxted for another year, as she’s enjoying her job so much and has got very stuck in at the church. She’s hoping to then pursue more theological study, but probably away from the south-east. Some of you may have bumped into her on the New Ground Academy.

Miss Bennett and Mrs Hudson, my two chickens, probably won’t be coming with us, although I hope to get replacements one day, garden size depending.

Q: What hobbies do you enjoy?

Can you have ‘food’ as a hobby? We both like eating and being hospitable, and Caroline enjoys cooking. Walking, badminton, books and board games also tend to keep me amused.