Love All, Serve All – Reaching out to tennis fans

Last year, pastorates from Everyday Church Southfields and Wimbledon venues joined with Love All, Serve All for an evening in Wimbledon Park. They went out looking to bless people who were camping overnight for tickets to the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

We asked Julie Willson who leads our Colliers Wood Pastorate to share her experience:

Love all Serve all is headed up by Carolyn Skinner, from Third Space Ministries. Third Space is an organisation that seeks to demonstrate God’s love in spaces of society such as sport, music, holidays, nightclubs and so on.

We arrived at the meeting point in Southfields feeling a bit apprehensive, but after some training felt confident to go out and meet the campers.

The queue for the Championships is unique and famous worldwide – for many it is the only way obtain great tickets to watch the stars in action. People come from around the world to take their place in this line!

We worked in threes, were allocated a row of the campsite, and given a box of soft drinks and cookies. Our role was to offer these to the campers, tell them that we are from the local churches, and that God loves them.

We found that everyone was pleased to see us, very happy to chat, and somewhat shocked that we would be out doing this in terrible weather!!

It was a really fun evening – we were able to pray with, and for, people from all around the world.

I would like to encourage you to sign up to be a part of it this year.

Please Contact Lynne Nel-Olivier using the Connect form on the website, and she can help you be a part of it.

Or, if you want some more information, we’ll be talking about it at the next Colliers Wood Local meeting. Come join us at 7:45pm on Wednesday 14th June at the Colourhouse Theatre, Merton Abbey Mills, SW19 2RD, and we’ll tell you all about it!





Julie Willson

Colliers Wood Pastorate Leader
Everyday Church Wimbledon