The search is over. And then the real adventure begins.

I recently had the privilege of praying with a bloke as he crossed the line of faith and handed his life over to Jesus (a strange statement, seeing as He is the author of their life anyway…but at least now they’ve acknowledged and surrendered to that truth!).

Anyway… Since then I’ve been reminded of how easily we (the royal ‘We’) pursue things in life, in order to find purpose, direction and happiness.

As a guy in his early thirties, I’ve come to realise that the first 10/12 years of adult life can be a whirlwind for many; as they seek to work out what to be defined by. Often people will invest in a new career, world travels, a string of relationships or an enviable social life – only to find by the time they hit the big 3-0 that the search needs to continue.

Mortgages might be secured, children might come along, but even then a deeper foundation is required. ‘Extreme-wellness’ and ‘clean living’ are attempted. More money is spent on Spa weekends or slightly more adventurous / unusual hobbies. Perhaps they opt for a radical change in career path. But there is still a lack of definition or direction that will satisfy.

I see this ALL the time on my social media feed.

The reason I share this now is because I strongly believe that the guy who I recently prayed with, who newly accepted Jesus as his Saviour, has found the answer! He has found the one thing in all creation that will prove satisfying: a living, active relationship with the God who made him. Along with a complete forgiveness for all the mistakes and misconceptions he’s accrued in life.

Such relief!

He can now live as a free man. He can now build his life upon a firm and sure foundation.

The search is over. And then the real adventure begins. The adventure of going deeper in his understanding of who Jesus is and what Jesus has in store for him. It’s glorious and it’s spine-tingling.

For several weeks now, I have had a verse from the Bible coming to mind regularly. It’s an invitation from Jesus the Saviour to my generation, as they juggle Yoga, Flat Whites and daycare options. He says this: ‘Come to me, ALL you who are weary, and I WILL give you rest.

That’s an ongoing invitation from Jesus, to turn from the busyness of searching repeatedly for definition and direction and find that place of incomparable rest and peace.

There’s no other invitation like it and I can’t wait to see how it changes my new friend’s new life!