Life Long Commitments – Alpha Weekend Away

It was an absolute joy to pray alongside individuals who were praying out loud for the first time. To see God ministering in to individual circumstances and heartbreak. To hear guests use words like “extraordinary” and “remarkable” to describe their experiences of the Spirit’s presence. To celebrate with two guests who made first time commitments to Jesus, one of whom was completely new to the Christian faith when they started their Alpha Course in January. Continue reading Life Long Commitments – Alpha Weekend Away

Alpha Course – Reporting Back

About a month ago we finished our latest Alpha Course. We have run eight Alpha Courses over the last three years at Everyday Church. And while they have all been brilliant, it is safe to say the four we have run since March have been the most interesting! Restrictions on gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic meant we’ve hosted these courses online. It takes a … Continue reading Alpha Course – Reporting Back