How to use the Everyday Church App

As a Life Group leader, together with my husband Chris, come Monday (or even Tuesday eve) we are always on the hunt for the illusive LG guide & some Godly guidance ahead of our Tuesday meetings. These guides are super helpful and with the best intentions prep time is generally (but not always) left to last minute scouring of gmail accounts and the church suite. The new app has made this part of leadership a breeze and opened up so much more in which we can share with our group.


I am in the world of digital and love access to an app on my phone for quick referance to information in the palm of my hand and the Everyday Church app ticks so many boxes for me and I hope for many other people.


The first thing you notice about the app is that it offers a simple, easy to use interface.


  • Live online service – link to Everyday Church Online portal where you can watch church on the hour every hour and gives you a virtual church environment
  • Catch-up online service – quick link to the latest online service, which make it really easy to find and watch on your device
  • Life groups – learn more about Everyday Life Groups and a quick and easy way to join a group in our area or online
  • Alpha course – want to find about more about Alpha or you are ready to jump in this is the area for you
  • The gospel – easy access to a summary of the good news in three minutes. I find this a great piece to share with non-believers or to have at hand when you sharing your faith with others
  • Events/Calendar – key events in the Everyday calendar so that you can be involved in other areas of the church life, these can easily be added to your phone calendar for ease. Currently these all take place online through Zoom


Tapping the menu bar at the top brings up information related to


  • Log in or Sign up
  • Downloads
  • Inbox
  • Notes


The menu I use the most and use in my everyday life is the menu bar at the bottom of the app.


  • Home – quick click of a button to take you back to the home page of the app
  • Devotions – a great resource to use in your week alongside the Sunday service. There are two forms of devotions
    • Written devotion – bible verses, further explanation and questions to reflect on
    • Devotional videos – quick videos to take you even deeper and easy to watch/listen to wherever you are
  • Media – a resource of past and current sermon series which can be shared with others, downloadable and easy access to Life Group Guides
  • Bible – don’t have a bible at hand? This is a quick way to access the Bible App wherever you are.
  • More – quick links to other areas of the Everyday website


I hope this has been helpful for you as a quick insight into the app, it has definitely helped us in leading and growing in Christ.


God Bless,

Tamryn Schwegmann

Life Group Leader – Everyday Church Southfields