Nesimi & Ayshad Aliyevs – Greetings from Georgia

Hello dear brothers & sisters of Everyday Church,

Because we live many kilometres away and communication can be difficult, I decided to send you our update to let you know who we are and what we are doing here in Georgia. We would love to let you know about ourselves.

We are doing good; Praise the Lord. Thanks for being with us, your friendship is a blessing to us. We are very grateful to God for having you in our lives. You show us the Father’s love. 

Our kids’ online school has started, but hopefully they will go back to school in person from October 4th 2021. My university faculty of medicine classes have not started yet. We hope also to start with a mixed of online classes and a few in-person classes on October 4th 2021. This will be my second year. 

Baku Trip

We had to go to Azerbaijan to fix our documents in August. Praise the Lord we could fix them all and also saw our families, friends, and relatives. It was very good to be back after 20 months. Before Covid-19 we were visiting them every year. 

Sunday Worship Service

As usual, we continue our 2 hour Sunday Service. Our members are from different countries, but we all speak Azerbaijani or Turkish. Praise the Lord, we have some new people now. We have some members, like Tarana Lindsay, Resul Agayev who are passionate evangelists, inviting people to our fellowship.

Recently through Tarana Lindsay we got to know a family from Azerbaijan who after the conversation and prayer committed their lives to Jesus. They are Peyman and Ulviyye. They don’t have children yet, but we believe God will give them.

Peyman and Ulviyye with Terana and us on WhatsApp

Friday Bible Study

Every Friday I host a Bible Study on Google Meet. We have people from Marneuli, Georgia in this group. Our one American elderly brother is teaching, and I (Ayshad) translate into Azerbaijani and Russian. We used to meet in person with more people, but now we have about 12 in the group.

Medical Trip to the Village

Last week again we made a medical trip with an Indian medical team. We had one doctor and some assistants.

This time we went to Azerbaijani village Jeferli. Because of Covid-19 we did not enter any house but received patients in the ambulance. But the weather was good. Nesimi (my husband) had a good time in conversations with the men outside. He shared the Gospel with one man. His name is Azer. We had about 20 people. We really enjoyed this time in Jeferli. We had babysitter for our kids at home, so enjoyed the friendship we could make with these new people in our lives.

The doctor gave them free medications and she will also send more to them later. We are planning to have medical camp next week in Marneuli. 

During the free weekdays…

We meet with our friends to pray together. Spend online time with people from our congregation, trying to build relationships with people in Marneuli. I (Ayshad) am learning the Georgian language by myself. Now I need somebody to practice with. And of course, taking care of our beloved 3 kids.

We are thankful to God to have you in our lives in this journey. Your support and friendship means a lot to us. May God bless you more and use you in His Kingdom more and more!

Blessings from,

Nesimi & Ayshad Aliyevs