Financial Update – February 2021

Dear Everyday Church family, Welcome to the first Finance Update of 2021. Our goal in these updates is to keep us in line with our three key values on finance: Transparency Accountability Generosity As I wrote back in October we are encouraging one another to apply these principles to our personal finances and to model them within our handling of our church finances. We do … Continue reading Financial Update – February 2021

Alpha Course – Reporting Back

About a month ago we finished our latest Alpha Course. We have run eight Alpha Courses over the last three years at Everyday Church. And while they have all been brilliant, it is safe to say the four we have run since March have been the most interesting! Restrictions on gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic meant we’ve hosted these courses online. It takes a … Continue reading Alpha Course – Reporting Back


I love Christmas! No, really I do. I know for some it is a tough time, but by the grace of God Christmas has always been good to me. Even growing up in a slightly dysfunctional family, I remember Christmas being a time of Joy. When my own children were small I discovered that it really is better to give than to receive and the … Continue reading Christmas

What Is God Teaching Us Through Covid-19? – #2 Sacrifice & Suffering

One of the biggest questions that I keep being asked by people across Everyday Church right now is: What is God teaching us as a church through Covid-19? To answer that question, I’ll be posting a few thoughts over the next few weeks from our conversations together as whole-church elders, but we don’t claim to be the only ones who can answer this question. If you are part … Continue reading What Is God Teaching Us Through Covid-19? – #2 Sacrifice & Suffering

Celebrating 4 years of Everyday Church Online

At 4pm on Sunday 20th September 2015, after 11 months of research, planning and implementation, we launched Everyday Church Online. This was the start of a journey that only God has the map for and one that we are still in the infancy of travelling. So, four years later we are still amazed every single week as many new testimonies are received, lives impacted, new places … Continue reading Celebrating 4 years of Everyday Church Online