CAP Money Course

The Christians Against Poverty Money Course is starting on Saturday March 5th for three weeks, 9:45–12:00 at Everyday Church Wimbledon. Annemie joined the last course and here’s what she says about it… Why did you choose to do the Money Course? “It started with Helen going up the front and saying this is an opportunity to do it. I started one around 2016 but it wasn’t the right … Continue reading CAP Money Course

Financial Update – January 2022

Friends, Looking back through my notes I discover that this is the tenth finance update I have written at Everyday Church. The first one was written at the end of March 2020.  We had just entered the world of COVID and though there is uncertainty in what I wrote, I can remember thinking at the time that we might be in that season for the … Continue reading Financial Update – January 2022

The Flame People – Special Offering Update

“When you have finished translating and when our children read this, then this town will understand the truth and will change!” – A ‘Flame’ imam In May 2021 we took up a special offering. We had the privilege of giving £35,000 to Wycliffe Bible Translators to support their on-going work to translate the Old Testament into the language of the ‘Flame People’. This incredible group, … Continue reading The Flame People – Special Offering Update

Financial Update – October 2021

Friends, Welcome to the latest finance blog. Our goal in these updates is to keep us focused on our three key values on finance: Transparency Accountability Generosity The aim of values, is that over time, and through consistent expression through real action, these values become our default culture. We are getting there in terms of our church culture and hope that you are seeing a … Continue reading Financial Update – October 2021

Do money worries affect your life?

CAP courses are starting in October! Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is a charity that has been running for over 20 years. CAP is passionate to see people released from poverty and debt in the UK and across the world. They partner with local churches to run money advice services, debt assistance and much more. What happened during the pandemic? Did money worries affect your life? Everyday CAP Champion, Helen … Continue reading Do money worries affect your life?